Religious and Belief Systems based on Holistic Healing and Spirituality

All religions that I know of can be beneficial, leading followers toward things like love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and inclusiveness (attitudes that fit within unconditional love). Many religions, when talking of these attitudes and ideas, refer to God, Jesus Christ or both. The various words and religions all refer to the same wonderful, universal truth, which Jesus referred to as the Kingdom of God.  The particular words chosen and used do not matter.  Other sects or belief systems use terms like "the Tao" or "the Absolute".  The use of words is very human, the Source, or whatever word you choose to use, transcends the words used so they matter little.  It is important to realize that truth is open and available to everyone. It is not necessary to follow any particular religion or to use any particular words, I do not and only use the words as a convenience.

That "small quiet voice" the "God seed" or "that of God" is within us all.  As I say in my book "That seed is always there no matter how despicable that person appears on the surface. It is possible to find that seed, nurture it, love it and love that person."  We can feel that seed because we are connected to it.  It is part of us.  Religions can be a way of nurturing that seed.  Additionally, that seed can and is nourished outside of any religious practice, for example in Alcoholics Anonymous or Al-Anon.  Ideally the various religions, whichever is chosen, nourish that seed to help it become more a part of that person's life.

Everyone I have met will at least admit that "there is something out there".  I simply tell them to give that a name and believe in it and then act accordingly.

Some sects or individuals within those sects are patriarchal and/or very judgmental toward those who deviate from their beliefs. This attitude is understandable since there is a certain exhilaration and often a feeling of justification that comes with the domination of another individual, especially if we convince ourselves that it is for their own good. The exhilaration and the illusion of power entices many individuals, such as myself, for a time. Ultimately, this attitude leaves a hollow feeling and it inhibits the growth of the recipient of the attitude. In addition, this does not fit with forgiveness, inclusiveness, love and acceptance. It is certainly possible to maintain the appearance of being loving and accepting while following a path of "power" and dominating others through fear, but the clear, supportive feeling of love is missing. The feeling is one of turbidity, and of being forced or twisted.

Males that insist on obedience and use tools such as fear, guilt and shame (e.g. the threat of hell) can be very harmful toward themselves, other men and women. People cannot blossom as complete, fulfilled and godly individuals in the face of guilt and shame, though they can be obedient out of fear. On the other hand, when approached with love and encouragement the same people could blossom. All of these people could become complete and fulfilled. The possibility of blossoming certainly includes the homeless, homosexuals, members of different sects or religions and other disenfranchised groups. In order to blossom as a human being, each individual involved would have to work through their own fear, guilt and shame. Isn’t that what living is all about?

n my personal experience with myself and with others, guilt and shame do not really help a person grow. In fact, guilt and shame tend to block growth.  On the other hand, fear and working through that fear in a loving, supportive environment seems to be a common, unpleasant and valuable part of growth, leading to a greater presence of love, support and guidance. Additionally, when I was young, fear of being punished certainly modified my behavior and, in a few cases, caused a change that was important for my survival. Since then I have experienced things like love support and guidance (the only type of things that exist in the God place) and I have gone through growth as a result. I cannot blossom as a person in an atmosphere of guilt and shame. I can in an atmosphere of love, support and guidance.

I agree with what Mark Anthony said, that "My personal experiences as a medium have proved to me that God exists, heaven and the Other Side exist, souls are immortal, we can communicate with souls, and we will be reunited with our love ones on the Other Side. I’ve also come to understand there is no hell, although there are multiple levels on the Other Side and reincarnation."  I have worked with spirits and have been to the other side during a near death experience.

IJudgment, guilt, and shame have no place in a God conscious world.

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