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These thoughts come from what I call "the God place", a place of extreme and unconditional love that is beyond words.  Being able to go to that place through meditation is quite a gift.  A gift that has resulted in profound changes in my life, and can change others similarly.  Many others have encountered and written about the same things I write of here, often using different words.  The words they used reflect the culture or discipline, the message is the same.  If you want references, simply request them.

The source power/love/God is in all things and all people, not just humans, Christians, Muslims or Pantheists. A person can sense it in all things and they can sense it in you. As I describe in detail in my book, I have had a family of rabbits play at my feet, been wrapped in feelings of love and scent from trees and had various children and adults react strongly to the presence of that force. A truly magical experience in each case.  I could sense the God/source/power in them, and they could sense it in me, an incredible experience.

Higher levels of communion are open to all people, not just Christians, Muslims, etc. I follow no particular religion and a high level of communion with that power has been open to me. The Christian saints are right when they say there can be no mistaking it.


 Three things to consider when approaching any sort of action (the central focus of my book):

a. Would I do this in front of God (or whatever you call that power/force)?

b. Is my name really on it (or is it really my responsibility)?

c. Will this increase the integrity of the universe (or is this loving, acting out of love always increases the integrity of the universe)?


True power is a consequence and a sacred gift to be nurtured and treasured, not an objective to be sought after. Power, an ability to influence others, comes as a result of ones actions, behaviors, attitudes and beliefs. It is based on love and is inclusive, empathic and compassionate. It is also timeless and selfless, as in the power of Christ. People follow this power by choice, not fear. It can, and does, change people's lives, it can change the world.  It is amazing and very fulfilling to be part of that power.  False power, like being president, CEO or having large quantities of money, is illusory, self-centered, time limited and based on fear. This type of power is frequently seen as an objective in this culture. Examples of this type of false power are numerous.

The human concept of perfection is based on things like fear and guilt. It is flawed and harmful much of the time. In fact, I know of no situation where it is helpful, though it sometimes drives people through fear.  The concept causes people to drive themselves toward an ideal that was generally set for them by the culture or some individual. A frequent result is anxiety and negative feelings toward oneself. This concept does not help the individual, but it certainly adds to fear.  Perfection in a divine sense does not fit within linear, cause-and-effect logic.  In a divine sense, we are all perfect within our imperfections, a beautiful truth.


Love is a willingness to sacrifice and devote oneself to someone else’s emotional and spiritual well being and growth. It is both a feeling and the actions springing from that feeling. Passion, excitement and lust come and go.  Love does not. Love always increases the integrity of the universe. It is inclusive, compassionate, understanding, forgiving and accepting. Judgment, exclusion, self-interest and criticism do not fit within love.

Love is totally without conditions and totally selfless.  I don't mean that there are no personal needs in most relationships.  There usually are a variety of spoken and unspoken needs and those needs are a wonderful part of being human.  Those needs add to the depth and complexity of the relationship and growth for the individual.  Ideally, operating within those needs, openly and honestly, is part of the relationship.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  Feeling those needs, and acting on them is simply part of the learning and growth of being human.  Those self-caring perceived needs are simply independent of the love.

When I say "without conditions", I don't mean without boundaries.  A person can say "you cannot do this in my presence", but that does not diminish the love, in fact that level of honesty frequently adds to the love.  I have well developed boundaries and often avoid situations that will compromise those boundaries, and communicating those limits to others with compassion and understanding is often the most loving thing that can be done.  I also feel a strong love for others and will connect quite openly and willingly with them, and will go out of my way to do so.

Acting out of love is always truthful, open, honest, compassionate, understanding and increases the integrity of the universe.


The left brain type of reasoning is based on cause-and-effect and linear, logical relationships. This form of reasoning is toward one end of a continuum of consciousness that we have access to. At the other end of that continuum is the absolute or God place. As various mystics and healers have found, the absolute is beyond reason and analysis.  The dualistic, analytic approach has no meaning there. The absolute has the positive characteristics of love, service, inclusiveness, empathy, humility, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance and healing and not their opposites, it is not dualistic, which is why it is called absolute. It is a strange and wonderful way of being.  It is possible to understand the absolute using the intellect. However, it is only possible to “know” (being with the feeling, living it and having it be part of you) it through things like the infused prayer of Christians or, what is usually called deep meditation, meaning meditation where one goes beyond the conscious intellect.

We live in a world of duality. We understand pleasant because there is unpleasant, night because of day, etc. It is hard to understand, but in the absolute there is no dichotomy of anything, no different sexes, separateness, race or social standing. There are souls of all things and there is the source. These souls are entities in themselves, part of the source and part of each other, all at the same time. There is no individuality, as we know it since there is no separateness. There is no forgiveness since there is nothing to forgive. All are a part of an intense feeling of love and connection to all. There are differences in souls, depending on their stages of growth. There is total perfection at the same time. There is no contradiction in this situation. Things just are.

The conscious mind is wonderful, it can design computers, judge right and wrong, perform job functions, tell us to brush our teeth, perform scientific studies, provide us with an endless source of entertainment, remember the alphabet and tell us to keep our hand off of a hot stove. In short it can tell us how to get along in the world. The absolute is also wonderful, it can show us that things like growth, compassion and love are important and many other things are important only in that they teach us about things like compassion, love and understanding. Otherwise, as many people have pointed out, things in the created order have little meaning. Existence in the absolute is a meaningful way to spend an eternity with occasional periods of being in physical form. Mystics and many healers get to experience the absolute directly.

The healing, connection and gratitude of the right brain is love based and within the consciousness continuum. Fear/reasoning is very human, subject to cause and effect and scientific inquiry. Non-medical healing, the feelings of connection and gratitude is based on knowing not analyzing and cannot be thoroughly explained by the very good but limited scientific model. Fear/reasoning is human, love is God, or whatever you choose to call that power/force.

"Three Simple Questions" - a Book by Charlie Horton

There is a place between the absolute and the conscious mind that we have access to, through meditation. I will call it the transcendent place, which, I believe, is what it has been called before. Another name which has been given to this place by me, Jill Bolte Taylor and others is La-La land. A person can approach (get near it but not there, quite) this place through conscious thought, as in prayer, meditation, or things like intense dance, walking in the woods, climbing a mountain, etc.. How a person gets there differs from person to person, once there, the transcendent place varies little. It can then be accessed by allowing it to happen, but not willing it to happen. Only by allowing not willing it or striving for it. Then when it happens, it feels like a gift and a surprise. Conscious thought, even thinking “I’m doing it!” or “boy, this is neat!” dissipates it. All of a sudden the incessant chatter of the brain stops and a person feels the oneness of all things together with a feeling of great peace and a sense of euphoria, no language while there, only upon return. A person feels the “Unborn, eternal, imperishable, original” Self.

In the transcendent place a person feels great peace and love and also knows we are connected to everybody and everything. That we are all one. It is also a place of great healing power. A power and feeling that it is possible to carry back into consciousness. It is also possible to carry it with you through the day. It can change your world and the way you are in it.

The healing power that exists in the transcendent place is a bit of a mystery, at least to me. It can be used, lived, known and felt but not analyzed or understood, at least in the manner that we are accustomed to understanding things within the created order. We understand why an anti-bacterial antiseptic works, it fits nicely into cause and effect, dualistic thinking. We do not understand why healing touch works to increase the speed of healing wounds.

The healing results from allowing it, not reasoning and willing it. This is a softer process which begins with the physical condition of the body and gently proceeds from there. That is, if there is a physical condition resulting in pain, the beginning comes in being with that pain and its source in order to reduce the pain and begin healing its source, the pain’s cause not the symptom. This type of healing does not start with a pre-conceived concept of health and proceed from there. The latter feels more fear based and forced.


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